Raluca Ioana Turcanasu

If you like my style and work, don’t hesitate to drop me a friendly line.

What could I potentially help you with?

• Brand strategy & content strategy

• Scaling & timing a project – needed resources, possible risks

• Social & NGO related projects

• Design & development coordination for a flawless online product

• Content development for your blog or social media

• Article writing

• Organising a photo shooting with a professional studio and/or photographing an event

• Being friendly & nice and inspiring your team to work more coherently together

• Wanna chat? It's best if you drop me a line on LinkedIn.

pablo gamundi

Raluca is a dedicated professional with whom I worked in times when business was very complicated but still, she was always optimistic, always ready to find new opportunities where it seems there was no more left. She is a doer; and it was great working with her.

Dan_Perjovschi_front_-_Kiasma_2013 small

I met Raluca some years ago during FITS the international Theater Festival in Sibiu, Romania. I was doing a public wall-drawing and she was part of a journalistic platform covering the Festival special projects. She was a student at Bucharest University, a special master in Visual studies. We spent the day and talked a lot. She was bright, knowledgeable and very determined.

Then, in 2019, we met in Paris  during the French-Romanian Season. Raluca was pursuing her dream to study art theory. In Paris. I have to admit I was impressed.

Since then, she has become an frequent contributor to Revista 22, writing about complex issues at the border of arts & society in an empathic, open tone.

Madalina Moraru Conf Univ Dr FJSC

Raluca is a 360 millennial in the true sense: ambition, curiosity, perseverance and a thorough understanding of very diverse disciplines: from marketing & economics to communication strategies & project management. Moreover, in her professional experience, she acquired a good understanding of the UX/UI principles, of web-design and the implications of a web-based project.

Raluca was always truly invested in whatever she did, whether school projects or side projects, because of her innate curiosity.

ian lowe

Raluca is everything you could ask for in a volunteer and as a member of the creative design community.
Tenacious, driven, passionate, hard working and too eager for her own good! I would recommend her for future work and I hope we can collaborate again in the future.